User portal

The next really important feature has been implemented, the ‘User portal’. This is the OpenMediaVault WebGUI for the normal NAS users. If they have been allowed to modify their user account data it is possible to modify the email or password for example.

Network interface bonding

The next feature has been finished. During recording the video i realized that i have to modify the bonding interface creation. Right at the moment it is not possible to use one of the current configured interfaces (like eth0 in the video), but this denies the creation of bonding interfaces that include interfaces that are currently configured and up. Nevertheless this is only a small issue.

iSCSI Target service finished

After some hard work i finished the iSCSI target service finally. This service requires a refactoring of various WebGUI components which was the reason this service takes so long to implement.


To make it short, the development will not be stopped. I am really pleased about the great feedback. I did not know that there are so many people waiting for OMV.

Finally after reading all posts i will comment various issues:

Why is no code released till now?

This is because i wanted to release a perfect piece of software, and currently it does not not fulfilled my claims. But the most important reason is that if the code is in the wild it is hard to do any fundamental code change if necessary. This happens once or twice during the current development, so i was happy to do not have to take care about backward compatibility.

Screenshots can be faked

That’s right. Because of that i will upload a video soon. The problem is that YouTube does not like OGV screencasts recorded on Ubuntu Lucid, so i have to convert the screencast first to be able to upload it to YT.


After OMV has been released i will add a donation button to the homepage.

Outstanding issues

  • iSCSI Target WebGUI refactoring + include iSCSI authentication
  • Refactor session authentication
  • Refactor volume management (configuration)
  • Mounting ISO files via WebGUI
  • Statistics
  • Apple file protocol (AFP). The latest Lenny backport is 2.0.5, so TimeMachine support should be possible.
  • UPS support
  • Iface bonding
  • WebDAV
  • Userportal to allow the user to admin its personal settings

What is not included

  • Dynamic DNS client: Nearly every router or DSL modem supports this per default. Also there is no Debian port of ‘inadyn-mt’ available which supports a wide range of DDNS services. Because i do not want to get feature request like ‘Please include service x or y’ when using a client with a small subset of supported services, ergo i do not include it in OMV. Maybe someone else is doing a plugin later.
  • UPnP service: The same here, no Debian port of ‘Fuppes’ till now (which seems to be the only solution for XBox and PS3 support). I did not follow the MediaTomb development, but i remember there is no PS3 support or was it XBox? Nevertheless there is no out-of-the-box UPnP server available and i do not want to start creating my own UPnP Debian packages. Also i do not have any UPnP hardware for testing. Maybe someone else is is more encourage to do that.