New update available

openmediavault 6.3.6

  • Improve the scheduled Btrfs cron tasks by skipping the subvolumes of a file system, which prevents the file system from being processed multiple times.
  • Perform automatic scrubbing of all Btrfs file systems monthly instead weekly.
  • Fix a validation bug in the Gateway form field on the Wi-Fi network interface page.

New updates available

openmediavault 6.3.5

  • Update locale files.
  • Do not configure monit alerts for CPU usage and Memory usage if they are disabled in the UI.
  • Set metadata to DUP when creating a Btrfs file system with the Single profile (default since Kernel version 5.15).
  • Perform a daily scheduled cron task that checks Btrfs file systems for errors. An email will be sent when errors are detected. Use the OMV_BTRFS_ERROR_CHECK_ENABLED environment variable to disable this check.
  • Perform a weekly scheduled cron task that scrubs all mounted Btrfs file systems. A report will be emailed afterwards. Use the OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_ENABLED environment variable to disable this task. Use the additional variables OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_PRIORITY and OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_READONLY to customize the scrub task.
  • Improve cron scripts by added better logging output.
  • Display Cron expressions in human-readable descriptions on forms and in datatable columns.
  • Issue #1516: Adapt the UI so that it works properly behind reverse proxies.

openmediavault-clamav 6.0.3

  • Translate Cron expressions to human-readable descriptions.

New update available

openmediavault 6.3.4

  • Update locale files.
  • Rename various navigation menu items in the UI.
  • Add All Snapshots button in the Storage | Shared Folders page to manage the snapshots of all shared folders that are located on a BTRFS file system.

New updates available

openmediavault 6.3.3

  • Update locale files.
  • Display hostname in page title.
  • The OMV_SSL_CERTIFICATE_CHECK_EXPIRY_ENABLED environment variable has been added to be able to disable the daily SSL certificate expiration cron job. Defaults to yes.
  • Add a prefix to shared folder snapshots that are created via scheduled tasks, e.g. images@daily_20230228T095758. Please delete your existing scheduled tasks and recreate them to take advantage of the new naming scheme.
  • Add the ability to specify the metric (relative priority) of the default route set via the Gateway option in the network interface page.

openmediavault-diskstats 6.0.3

  • Make sure that the same storage device is not displayed in several tabs. This happened when a storage device was split into several partitions.