New updates available

openmediavault 6.3.5

  • Update locale files.
  • Do not configure monit alerts for CPU usage and Memory usage if they are disabled in the UI.
  • Set metadata to DUP when creating a Btrfs file system with the Single profile (default since Kernel version 5.15).
  • Perform a daily scheduled cron task that checks Btrfs file systems for errors. An email will be sent when errors are detected. Use the OMV_BTRFS_ERROR_CHECK_ENABLED environment variable to disable this check.
  • Perform a weekly scheduled cron task that scrubs all mounted Btrfs file systems. A report will be emailed afterwards. Use the OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_ENABLED environment variable to disable this task. Use the additional variables OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_PRIORITY and OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_READONLY to customize the scrub task.
  • Improve cron scripts by added better logging output.
  • Display Cron expressions in human-readable descriptions on forms and in datatable columns.
  • Issue #1516: Adapt the UI so that it works properly behind reverse proxies.

openmediavault-clamav 6.0.3

  • Translate Cron expressions to human-readable descriptions.

New update available

openmediavault 6.3.4

  • Update locale files.
  • Rename various navigation menu items in the UI.
  • Add All Snapshots button in the Storage | Shared Folders page to manage the snapshots of all shared folders that are located on a BTRFS file system.

New updates available

openmediavault 6.3.3

  • Update locale files.
  • Display hostname in page title.
  • The OMV_SSL_CERTIFICATE_CHECK_EXPIRY_ENABLED environment variable has been added to be able to disable the daily SSL certificate expiration cron job. Defaults to yes.
  • Add a prefix to shared folder snapshots that are created via scheduled tasks, e.g. images@daily_20230228T095758. Please delete your existing scheduled tasks and recreate them to take advantage of the new naming scheme.
  • Add the ability to specify the metric (relative priority) of the default route set via the Gateway option in the network interface page.

openmediavault-diskstats 6.0.3

  • Make sure that the same storage device is not displayed in several tabs. This happened when a storage device was split into several partitions.

New update available

openmediavault 6.3.1

  • Update locale files.
  • Issue #1490: Support SMB shadow copies for home directories when the shared folder is located on a BTRFS file system.
  • Issue #1500: Use ISO 8601 basic format in the snapshot naming schema because Windows does not support : in file names. Note that due to this change, earlier snapshots with the ISO 8601 extended format are no longer listed under Windows in Previous Versions. Please delete and recreate scheduled snapshot tasks as well.
  • Issue #1502: Add support for hidden WiFi networks.