Week review

After the last article dates back quite a while here is a short overview what’s happened the last time.

I tried to customize the Debian graphical installer but after some time i had to capitulate because i was not able to find a way doing it in Live-Helper. Maybe it will work doing some dirty tricks, but i did not want to loose too much time here. So currently there is only a text gui based installer, better than nothing :-).

The firewall rules editor has been refactored to allow reordering of the iptables rules via drag&drop or push buttons.

Installer is ready

After hours of trying to preseed the Debian installer i got the results i wanted. The text based installation is ready now, but for the graphical one i had to start Gimp and swing the brush 🙂 The installation process is reduced to the minimum to allow everybody to install OMV. The only interaction to be done is to set the hostname, a static IP address if DHCP does not work and finally  select the harddisk used to install OMV. Voila, after some minutes OMV should be on the harddisk and ready to use.

While playing with the new firewall WebUI i found out that it is crap because the user is not able to rearrange the rule order. Because of that i had to rewrite the UI the next days to get this working.

Firewall and configuration backup/restore features finished

Step by step the todo list gets smaller. Today the firewall WebUI and backend has been finished. Please note that firewall feature is only designed as client firewall. Everything else should be done by a real router/firewall appliance.

Also the configuration backup/restore feature has been implemented. Now it is possible to create a configuration backup and restore it later.