New updates available

The following changes has been done:

openmediavault 0.4.11

  • Fix issue related to Mantis 0000679.
  • Add ‘omv-update’ to update the package repository and install new packages from CLI.
  • Mantis 0000683: On delete of “Shared Folders” it is too easy to remove content, yes is the default.

Please update your system via ‘System > Update Manager’ in the OpenMediaVault WebGUI. Please reload the WebGUI to let the changes installed by the update take effect.

5 thoughts on “New updates available

  1. My suggestion would be to try to keep the integrity within a specific version of OMV (e.g. within 0.4 ensure configs don’t have to be replaced by the upgrades). It’s perfectly OK to have bigger changes between major versions (like when you’re upgrading to 0.5), that also causes issues when you’re upgrading Debian 🙂 and this way people not living on the bleeding edge can stay on the lower version and people who usually upgrade 2x a day can simply switch to a less stable development branch (and agree to lose some data when “Sche*sse passiert” :-).

  2. omv-update == apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade? Although it’s easier (less to type 🙂 but I don’t see your point.

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