UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) plugin finished

One of the last issues for OMV has been finished today. The UPS plugin enables you to define how to act on power loss, e.g. immediatelly force a shutdown after a given time range (the UPS may come back during this time, so no shutdown is necessary) or if the battery reaches its lower limit. If notification is enabled you’ll get an email for every changed state, also messages will be written to syslog.

You are also able to get various details about your UPS via the WebGUI, e.g battery charge or temperature graphs.

30 thoughts on “UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) plugin finished

  1. Hi!

    Is it possible to set a delay timer on low battery?

    i also have an esxi which only supports shutdown on low battery event.
    as the virtual machine files reisde on the openmediavault i want to shut down openmediavault on low battery event with a delay eg 600 seconds so the esxi has enough time to shutdown all vm’s

    best regards

  2. Love your work mate and no beta thats excellent stuff. Now I just need to find a way to have OMV and myth-backend on the same box 🙂

  3. Hey volker, keep up the good work. From what can be seen this NAS distro looks to be very promising. It’s been quite a torture checking this blog for updates over the past 6 months…and I believe it is gonna be worthwhile.

    Great work!


    • I also agree. For me Freenas still a state of art software for serving and streaming.
      Now could anyone explain how come Freenas beat a a multimillionaire Windows Server software regarding stability and backup recovery?

  4. Despite the teasing which makes most of us eager to test OMV, this looks very promising.

    In the video, I don’t see any UPnP service, does that mean it will not be included in the first release? If so will it be in a future release?

    • There will be no UPnP plugin from my side because i do not have any UPnP hardware like a TV to test it. Also there is no easy to use UPnP server which makes it possible to me to implement it into the blue. Another reason is that the powerful UPnP servers are not available as Debian packages for Squeeze, so you’ll have to build your own package which i do not want to do anymore (i do not want to continue the compile hell like i had in FreeNAS).
      But i assume that it does not take too long until the community has build a UPnP plugin.

  5. Man why do you torture us! 🙂
    Glad to hear the progress being made!
    Is there any chance that the release date will be this year?


    • Surely, it will be this year. I’m already in the planning state the next version of OMV (which will not be only a 0.x step).

      • Hi volker,
        good to hear that you plan a release this year.
        But would it be possible to release a turnkey appliance in the first place?

        Cheers Mat

  6. Volker,
    I appreciate you offer a little more insight into the development! It helps ease the pain of waiting 😉

    It’s great to see your progress, it looks great what you show! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Volker,
    sorry, a little bit OT. You mentioned that you would use a filesystem like zfs in the future. Which FS do you have in mind?

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Volker,

    First, keep up your excellent work.
    Second, are you going to release a beta so that people can find bugs ?
    Third, Could you put the categories in your blog in english ?


  9. Nice to see progress. Can’t wait to download a release.

    Out of curiosity, I don’t see any reference to afp under services. Is this something you’re still working on, or will it not be included?

  10. Congratulations on hitting this milestone in your internal development. The user interface and feature set are looking very nice indeed.

  11. >One of the last issues for OMV has been finished today
    Is ETA still undefined at the current state of implementation?

    • The ‘Driver configuration directives’ field should be used to configure every scenario supported by NUT. Due i only have a USB APC UPS i can not test any other hardware, but as told by the NUT docu the current implementation of the OMV plugin should be able to support every UPS possible. The only issue is that you have to find out yourself how to configure your UPS with NUT. I plan to add a selection box in the webgui for a some UPS types told by the users that their config works.

  12. “One of the last issues for OMV has been finished today.”
    I smell a release not being far away?

    No but it’s great to hear you are still making progress.
    Keep it up.

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