Forum is online now

The forum is online now. Registered Sourceforge users can post to it.

Please use the forum for discussion and not the comment feature of this blog. Only post comments if they relate to the article.


  1. Bordi

    As long as I’m not logged on, everything is OK, but if I’m logged in, which is blocking the forum and it reports an error. Mostly Error 310 (net:: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): Too many redirects. Has possibly to do with that I sign on the provider account?

  2. grumman

    i woul like to help you test your openmediavault. If you guys are interested, let me know :)
    this project looks very interesting

  3. mastrboy

    having problems posting the forum, get a error message that “this page is not redirecting properly” after logging in… So i’ll ask my question here:

    – Will there be a .deb package to install Openmediavault? as i already have a debian server with raid, and only want the GUI of openmediavault to manage it when it is released.

    • volker

      Yes, OMV will be shipped as a mixture of debian package + customized Debian Linux. But i’m not sure if it will be possible to install it on an existing Debian installation.

      • mastrboy

        i see, i think that it should be a priority to have a working debian package, this will increase the “debian’nes” of the system. And should make it alot easier to maintain with upgrades, just aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade and your freenas would be upgraded also.

        And usually what installs on debian works on ubuntu also, which means your userbase just grew alot ;)

      • volker

        I also have this problem with Firefox from time to time. This seems to be an Sourceforge (where the forum is hosted) issue.

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