Release of openmediavault 3 (Erasmus)

After a long development phase i am happy to announce the release of openmediavault 3 (Erasmus).

A big thank you goes to all translators, forum moderators and bug reports for their contributions and support.

The main features at a glance:

  • Using Debian 8 (Jessie)
  • Use kernel/firmware backports by default
  • Using Sencha ExtJS 6.2 framework for the WebUI
  • Adapt backend to systemd
  • Complete refactored backend
  • Support LVM snapshots
  • Add SAN (Subject Alternative Name) to self-signed SSL certificates
  • File systems will be mounted according to FHS below /srv now
  • Outsource TFTP into a plugin
  • Introduce omv-confdbadm command to manage the database via CLI
  • Add more UI translations, e.g. catalán
  • Enable SSH service by default
  • Use predictable device files everywhere
  • Improve statistic graph colors for color blind users
  • Set SMB/CIFS file/directory masks to values for collaborative workflows
  • Improve email notification subsystem
  • A daily cron script will email the administrator when there are locked/banned users
  • Add module to omv-firstaid to reset the failed login attempt counter
  • Reimplement various OMV CLI tools in Python. Most of them can be enhanced via modules/plugins
  • Add support for exFAT
  • Improve USB and rotational storage device detection
  • i386 ISO image has been dropped, only AMD64 is available. See below how to install i386 if needed

The whole changelog for openmediavault 3 can be viewed here. The ISO image can be downloaded here.

If you plan to migrate your system from OMV2, please check if all used plugins are ready for OMV3. Please note that the whole operating system is upgraded. Because of various database issues in OMV2 that can not be fixed during the upgrade you might run into troubles after the system has been migrated. So please consider to reinstall your system with OMV3. Look here how to upgrade your system.

You can also install OMV3 on every Debian 8 based distribution, e.g. using the netinst ISO images, Raspbian, … , if your platform is not supported. You will find a guide here how you can do that.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the forum.

25 thoughts on “Release of openmediavault 3 (Erasmus)

  1. Nice to hear that a Catalan translation has been added into the web UI!
    Thanks everyone who is behind this awesome project!

  2. *Thumbs up*
    Great work! In my opinion OMV is still the best open source NAS system out there.

    Only disadvantage is that even the new version is based on an old-stable system (considering, that the stable Debian is pretty outdated (or stable) when it’s released). However, security updates will be done by LTS support until 2020 for Jessie, so that should be fine (if you don’t want to do anything else than NAS with your computer. But also then it’s the question if you really want to have an ‘end of life’ version of Samba with the new release).

    Still it’s a great project and deserves all honors, I just hope it will not suffer from the fact it doesn’t work with current stable releases.

  3. Great, Thanks a Lot!

    Im using it OMV as a rock solid system for years now. Of course Debian has also it´s point on that.

  4. Of course I’d like to thank all supporters but you, Volker deserve the biggest thanks for your continued, straighforward development and permanent improvement of this great solution!
    Meanwhile I am running 3 HP Proliant MicroServer Boxes and never had any trouble with them.

    I think this is the right time for a donation, again!

  5. Thanks for clarifying!

    I, like many others probably, went into a confused panic when we read the last post saying BOTH “OMV 2.x is EOL now.” and “OMV 2.x will be EOL since [a week into the future]” and even though we all we could find was information saying 3.0 was still in beta, we downloaded 3.0.74 anyway. Now there’s an announcement of the official release, so now we’re downloading 3.0.79.
    At best there’s usually overlap between the release of a new version and the old version reaching end-of-life, or at worst, the announcement made in the same breath, but I guess I should just be thankful for what’s ultimately a labour of love.
    Thank you again for all your tireless efforts. I’m really looking forward finally turning my OpenMediaVault 2.2 paperweight into an Active Directory-integrated OpenMediaVault 3.0 server!

  6. This is fantastic news! Good work everybody who is involved.
    I wonder, how come Sourceforge still reports the newest version to be 2.1?
    “Looking for the latest version? Download openmediavault_2.1_amd64.iso (363.9 MB)”
    I installed an obsolete OS just yesterday, but its no biggie, I’ll just reinstall with 3.

  7. Thx a lot for you job ! I was looking forward this !
    Will go for a fresh install
    PS: I am always amazed at the lack of respect of certain people. If you think you can do better, do it ..!

  8. valker,
    Great news. Very appreciate your effort in mooving the project forward.
    Does zfs support is coming out of the box with omv3 or plugin is still in beta?

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