15 thoughts on “OMV 2.x is EOL now.

  1. Is there a user-friendly and functional alternative to OMV? There are plugins I have that I have read don’t work well on OMV3, so because of that I am still using OMV3. So if OMV2 will be EOL while there are plugins that OMV3 does not support still, that sounds to me like an alternative piece of software needs to be used instead.

  2. I think that OMV is a good solution for NAS, but a release schedule with milestones and dates would be very appreciated to the people/users and the plugins developers.
    I understand that the developer(s?) use its spare time to write code for OMV, and I’m NOT asking him to code during the night or during his holidays. I’m only asking to share with the public what is the developing plan.
    Probably some uncertain people, would be more convinced to switch to OMV.

  3. I agree, we need better communication here. We need more infos about when, where an how to upgrade for instance.
    Most of my systems are already running OMV 3, but still there are some with 2.

  4. I really like OMV, but the way to put OMV2 in EOL while OMV3 still in beta is a bit surprising…
    And even when OMV3 will be stable, it doesn’t means that OMV2 must be EOL directly, at least for a short while to let user switch to OMV3. And for that, a complete procedure to upgrade from OMV2 to OMV3 should be ready BEFORE the EOL of OMV2.
    A NAS is supposed to keep securely important informations, and then relying on strong and safe software…

    • OMV3 core is stable for a long time now, only the plugins were not up-to-date. This should be solved now.

    • You can update the system via omv-release-upgrade. But note that this also includes an upgrade of the complete OS (Wheezy -> Jessie).

  5. Okay, that’s great, but when is 3.0 going to be officially out of Beta status? Where is the 4.0 that’s been vaguely mentioned before? I love OMV, but the lack of communication is starting to get old.

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