9 thoughts on “64bit ISO images only for OMV3

  1. Is there a guide or video to install omv 32bit step by step for linux’s newbie, wich packets do i need to install and how to insert script ?

  2. I promoted this NAS-OS as the system for old, x86 hardware. It is possible to create standalone ISO-image for x86/i386/32-bit? It is true that old HW-s (which are not support x64) are not in everyday usage, but a lot of people have this kind of machine, like me… Another thing that I think the system-requirement is not as high to drop x86-support in this way.

    Please, if it possible, release version 3.0 as the last which have x86 iso-image.
    Thank in advance (I saw the post about how to install by hand. Easy, It is not a big task, but not for everyone).

    Best Regards:

  3. Quote: “If you still need a 32bit installation, then use the Debian 32bit netinstall ISO image and install OMV3 manually.”

    • 32 bit seems to be still supported. As written in the news, you can install it from Debian which means 32 bit packages still exist.

  4. verfügbar ist “es” schon länger, es ist aber noch nicht fertig, daher nur als beta. Das steht dann im Pfad über dem Listing.

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