New failover package repository

A new OMV package repository has been established as failover. It is already enabled in OMV3, but you can use it in previous versions if you add

to the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openmediavault.list. Replace DISTRIBUTION with the name of the OMV version, e.g. erasmus, sardaukar, …

2 thoughts on “New failover package repository

  1. The repository is inaccessible because there is no corresponding entry in /usr/lib/apt/methods for https

    I’d like to be able to update the list of plugins so that I can install a suitable server for sharing video and music to various clients on my LAN.

    Its been a while since I configured an NSLU2 to perform similar tasks using Twonky but I will happily help if I I can to assist in the use of Openmediavault to accomplish similar tasks.

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