Feature freeze for 0.5.x

Starting today the 0.5.x (Sardaukar) branch will not get any new features in the core system, only bugfixes will be released for this version. New features will be implemented only in Kralizec now.


  1. nice2have

    nice to hear!!

    >>> How is the ARM-Port doing in Kralizec?

    thnks for your time offering to this amazing project!

  2. James

    After making some stupid config changes I have broken my current OMV 0.5 install and don’t have a backup so need to reinstall. I am really keen to move my server over to btrfs when 0.6 goes live so I’m torn between just waiting it out till release or going for 0.5 now and doing it all again when 0.6 is released. All depends how long it takes, but I know better than to rush you, I just wish there was a rough ETA. Thanks for the fantastic work, can’t wait to get my hands on the new release.

      • James

        That’s ok, I’d love a date, but I’d rather you got it all sorted and working than be rushed. I just wish I could somehow know, even though I know I can’t! At least it is an indicator as to how good your work is, when people are eager to try new releases. Good luck getting it all working.

  3. Z0l

    Do you recommend dist-upgrading to kralizec now for experienced users? I consider myself an advanced user and would be very happy with the updated packages.

    • volker

      No, Kralizec is currently in an early migration state, thus i would not use it on a productive system. If you want to do some tests you are free to do it.

  4. Alexander

    So many improvements and still going on.
    Big thanks to Volker and the other plugin providers!
    I am also keen to see how the development continues in the future.

    Donation took place at the moment…

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