Misc issues

Today i added a ‘Send test email’ button on the notification page where the user can configure its email settings and test them by sending a email.

I have also added XFS support.

Finish Zeroconf/mDNS service

The iTunes/DAAP service already uses Avahi to announce the music files to iTunes and any other DAAP client, so it was time to finish the Zeroconf feature. Now all services announce their service via mDNS, these are right at the moment: FTP, TFTP, SSH, NFS, DAAP and WebGUI.

Add TFTP service

The next service has been implemented: TFTP. You might think this is the most useless service, but with such small implementations it is much easier to test the framework. For example i found out that the user management is not as powerful as it should be. The problem is that tftpd-hpa runs as user ‘nobody’ per default, but the shared folder UI does not allow to set permissions for that user -> i had rework that soon.

TFTP service
TFTP service