New update available

openmediavault 6.0.2

  • Replace CLI tool omv-update by omv-upgrade.
  • Fixed a routing problem in the workbench that only affected plugins.

New updates available

openmediavault 5.6.20

  • Fix various issues in omv-release-upgrade.
  • PR #1135: Fix fsid issue in NFS configuration.

openmediavault 6.0.1

  • Fix issue when editing a power management task.
  • Issue #1127: Support ed25519 SSH public keys in the usersettings dialog.
  • Issue #1137: Display escaped HTML characters correctly.
  • Issue #1138: Fix wireless network interface UI routing issue.

OMV6 (Shaitan) RC1 released

Today the first release candidate (6.0-34) of OMV6 (Shaitan) has been released.

The CHANGELOG will list all improvements in this version beside the following:

  • Upgrade to Debian 11 (Bullseye)
  • New user interface

You can download the ISO image for AMD64 based systems here. Additionally to the ISO installation you can install OMV on a Debian 11 based system according to the guide posted in the forum.

OMV5 systems with version 5.6.18 or later can be upgraded via the command line tool omv-release-upgrade. Please note that this migration path has not yet been tested with many systems. The project is looking for volunteers to support us and report errors in the bug tracker.

Before you update your system, please check whether all your installed plugins have already been adapted for OMV6. All plugins in the openmediavault repository have been adapted; for the plugins please check this forum post.

RPi users might be interested in this blog post.

Please consider whether you want to install this version on a productive system. I did my best to make this version as stable as possible, but there are certainly special cases that cause problems.

If you find any bugs, please report them here. Issues related to plugins should be reported here.

New update available

openmediavault 5.6.19

  • Add ‘WWN’ column in disk and SMART devices pages. The column is hidden by default.
  • Improve SMART assessment. Take attribute 187 into account.
  • Issue #1125: Custom /etc/issue is being overwritten. Re-introduce environment variable OMV_ISSUE_APPLY_PRELOGIN_MESSAGE to prevent overwriting custom /etc/issue files.

New update available

openmediavault 5.6.18

  • Issue #1119: Fix regression in ‘Used’ column of the file system table.