Update openmediavault available

The following changes has been done:

  • Add ability to delete a shared folder without removing its content recursively.
  • Announce correct NFS share path (/export/<name>) via Zeroconf.
  • Announce duplicate NFS shares only once via Zeroconf.
  • Validate share names. Do not allow other characters than [a-zA-Z0-9].
  • Mantis 0000101: Striping RAID issue
  • Mantis 0000111: Login Screen – Cursor Start Position
  • Mantis 0000112: Service Rsync is running but not shown on the list in System Informations | Services | Overview

Please update your system via ‘System > Update Manager’ in the OpenMediaVault WebGUI.

New updates available


  • Mantis 0000061: home dirs are accessable by every user in samba
  • Mantis 0000099: Changes on ‘General Settings’ page not working

openmediavault-transmissionbt 0.2.1

  • Allow customizing some variables like download-limit, upload-limit, … via environment variables.

Please update your system via ‘System > Update Manager’ in the OpenMediaVault WebGUI.

Update available

The following changes has been done:

  • Mantis 0000066: Error when modifying filesystem quota
  • Mantis 0000069: Wrong english in error message
  • Mantis 0000071: Rsync jobs generate incomplete command
  • Mantis 0000073: Rsync Job setting minute value
  • Mantis 0000075: The local package archive at /var/cache/openmediavault/archives must have higher pin-priority
  • Mantis 0000080: XenServer 6.0 – No hard disk in Storage | Physical Disk
  • Mantis 0000082: DNS server tab not updating /etc/resolv.conf
  • Mantis 0000090: Add support section under information
  • Mantis 0000096: Add option to adjust the session timeout time

Please update your system via ‘System > Update Manager’ in the OpenMediaVault WebGUI. Please reload the WebGUI after the update because it contains some new features.

Update available

The following changes has been done:

  • Validate RAID name. Only allow the characters [a-zA-Z0-9].
  • Fix bug when setting up a syslog server.
  • Use the entered UID when creating a new user.
  • Mantis 0000039: Error while adding user or modifying folder privileges
  • Mantis 0000040: Can’t change server name
  • Mantis 0000047: Change ‘Shared Folder’ into ‘Shared Folders’
  • Mantis 0000048: Wrong graph title under System Information->System->Interfaces
  • Mantis 0000049: OpenMediaVault don`t recognize kvm virtio disks
  • Mantis 0000051: raid10 level

Please update your system via ‘System > Update Manager’ in the OpenMediaVault WebGUI.

OpenMediaVault 0.2 (Ix) has been released

Today, after 2 years of hard work, i am proud to announce the release of OpenMediaVault. You can download the ISO images at sourceforge.net/projects/openmediavault/files. Please have a look into the Wiki at wiki.openmediavault.org for a quick install howto.

For all FreeNAS users, please note that it is only necessary to download and install the ISO once. There is no need of firmware images anymore, updates will come through small packages as it is done in all Debian based distros (e.g. Ubuntu). In OpenMediaVault you also have not to choose between embedded or full installation. The installer uses the whole harddisk for the swap and OS partition. There is no ‘data’ partition anymore. So do not waste diskspace by using a 1 TiB disk 🙂 OMV is designed to be installed on a DOM or small SSD.

Please disconnect all harddisks except the disk used for the OS during the installation, otherwise the Debian installer fails or installs Grub on the wrong harddisk.

Currently the following additional plugins are available:

– Bittorent
– iTunes/DAAP server

Because the netatalk package in the Debian Squeeze repository is not 2.2.2 it will not work with the latest iOS. Due i do not have a Apple computer i do not have any intention to fix that problem, this must be done by the community. So if you have any knowledge how to build a Debian package you are welcome to support the community with your contribution.

The following plugins will be released later after the first wave of bugreports has been fixed:

– iSCSI-Target

For clarification why i decided to use the whole boot disk for the OS:
Why using the whole boot device for the OS? Because this reduces some problems (e.g installation, management, the implementation design, …) and a DOM (Disk on Module) is not really expensive and the best solution for that. In my eyes the user data MUST be seperated from the OS disk.