Apple Filing (AFP) plugin finished

This weekend i’ve implemented the Apple Filing (AFP) plugin for OpenMediaVault. Due to the fact that i do not have a MAC i am not able to test it. Hopefully it does not have too much bugs 🙂 I’ve reduced the number of options in the share configuration page to a minimum number, but it can be enhanced if necessary (feature request). TimeMachine support has been added based on howtos and docs i’ve found in the net.

Please note the following taken from the official Debian netatalk package:

OpenSSL support is currently disabled, because of licensing issues: The Free
Software Foundation and Debian consider the GNU General Public License (GPL)
under which Netatalk is licensed to be incompatible with the OpenSSL license.

Thanks to gcrypt support (introduced in netatalk 2.0.4beta2) the DHX2 UAM provides encrypted access for MacOS X 10.4 and newer, but older releases of MacOS X and MacOS Classic can only connect unencrypted as both of the UAMs DHX and Randnum requires OpenSSL support.

You can build locally with OpenSSL using the following commands:

sudo aptitude install devscripts
sudo aptitude build-dep netatalk
apt-get source netatalk
cd netatalk-*
dch -l +ssl -D local –force-distribution “Local build with OpenSSL.”
sudo debi

You my need additional build-dependencies not resolved automatically.

Alternatively you can subscribe to unofficial(!) precompiled packages by adding the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb $DIST netatalk

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) plugin finished

One of the last issues for OMV has been finished today. The UPS plugin enables you to define how to act on power loss, e.g. immediatelly force a shutdown after a given time range (the UPS may come back during this time, so no shutdown is necessary) or if the battery reaches its lower limit. If notification is enabled you’ll get an email for every changed state, also messages will be written to syslog.

You are also able to get various details about your UPS via the WebGUI, e.g battery charge or temperature graphs.

The developers dream editor

Today i became frustrated about my favourite editor kate. It’s a great tool, but it is still missing tools that a developer really needs everyday (e.g. replace in files). Also searching in opened files is a pain because the search text has to be entered for each file seperately. Why is it not possible to define the search text once and press F3 in each document tab?

Years ago i used PSPad on Windows, but sadly there is no Linux port available (using Wine is no option). So i began to search for a useful Linux GUI text editor and came across Komodo Editor.

It is enhanceable via plugins and seems to have all features i’m missing till now. The only feature i’m missing is the ‘block’ editing mode.

The fiollowing plugins seems to be useful:

P.S.: Emacs and vi are no options, i want to have a GUI 🙂