What is OpenMediaVault?

I think it is time to clarify what OpenMediaVault is for. After reading many posts and requests to implement feature x and y i have to clarify where OMV is classified. The main reason i have started implementing OpenMediaVault is to have a small and simple NAS solution for home environments. This means, OMV is no router, firewall or storage solution for hundred of users (i think about Samba PDC, AD, …), there are other solutions like Zentyal, OSNexus, OpenFiler, Open-E, … that will fulfill this. Such solutions are too big for home scenarios and i hope OMV will fill this gap, but it will not be a replacement for these products.
In summary: OMV is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution for home environments administrated by novices, nothing more.
Hopefully this will help you all to understand some of my answers and decissions concerning OpenMediaVault.

P.S.: OMV is enhanceable, so if you feel feature x is a must have, you are free to implement it as plugin and contribute it to the project and its community after OMV has been released.