New update available

openmediavault 6.3.9

  • Add the environment variable OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_PERIOD. The supported values are weekly and monthly. Defaults to monthly.
  • Relocate the Cron Btrfs scrubbing script into a separate CLI tool named omv-btrfs-scrub. If you need to run the scrub jobs at a certain date, you may disable the build-in cron jobs via the environment variable OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_ENABLED. Finally, create your custom scheduled tasks via the UI by typing omv-btrfs-scrub in the Command form field.
  • Add UDEV rule to fix the duplicate serial number issue on Qnap TR-004 devices.
  • Perform scheduled Btrfs scrub and scan tasks on file system mount points rather than devices.
  • Fix hdparm configuration. Use force_spindown_time to apply settings to non-APM devices.