New updates available

openmediavault 6.3.0-2

  • Update locale files.
  • Make alert panel action buttons accessible via tab-key.
  • Add an infrastructure to allow plugins to append additional file systems to the file system creation page in the UI.
  • Enhance the BTRFS file system creation page by adding support of profiles to create various RAID levels.
  • Issue #1241: Use BTRFS subvolumes for shared folders on BTRFS file systems. Snapshots can be created per shared folder. The snapshot management UI allows to create and delete those snapshots. A restore feature has not been implemented by intention because those shared folders need to be unreferenced from every service beforehand. Instead a shared folders should be created from these snapshots, which is a less error-prone approach. The snapshots are stored in the `.snapshots` folder in the root subvolume of the BTRFS file system.
  • Issue #1490: Support SMB shadow copies for shared folders that are located on a BTRFS file system.

openmediavault-ftp 6.0-3

  • Various improvements.

openmediavault-lvm2 6.0.2

  • Update locales.
  • Change order in navigation menu.