New update available

openmediavault 6.0.30

  • Various bug fixes in UI.
  • Fix bug in RaidMgmt::remove() RPC.
  • Issue #1326: Add a code editor form field to the UI that can be used by plugins to edit JSON, Shell, XML and YAML content.

New updates available

openmediavault 6.0.29

  • Remove MultilineRFC2228 option in proftpd configuration.
  • Issue #510: Create correct /etc/hosts if permanent IP addresses are used.

openmediavault-onedrive 6.2.1

  • Issue #1324: Add option to do not delete local file deletions from OneDrive when using ‘Upload only’.

New updates available

openmediavault 6.0.28-3

  • Issue #1316: Improve color contrast.

openmediavault-onedrive 6.2.0

  • Adapt to onedrive 2.4.17.
  • Force HTTP/2 by default. Can be customized via OMV_ONEDRIVE_FORCEHTTP2.

New updates available

openmediavault 6.0.28

  • Various improvements in the Workbench UI.
  • Add automatic dark mode support in UI.
  • Use HTTP/2 by default for HTTPS connections to the Workbench UI.

openmediavault-photoprism 6.0.4

  • Store proxy configuration file in /var.