Helios4 Personal Cloud – the World’s 1st Open Source NAS

If you are searching for an open source NAS hardware you can use to run OMV, then this might be interesting for you. The Helios4 team is launching a Kickstarter campaign for the 1st Open Source and Open Hardware NAS (Network Attached Storage). Along the lines of Raspberry PI success, Helios4 is driving the way … Read more

Final release of OpenMediaVault 1.0 (Kralizec)

Today we are happy to release OpenMediaVault version 1.0 (Kralizec). The main features at a glance: OMV 1.0 is based on Debian 7 Wheezy Better support for weaker systems (i.e. Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Cubox, etc) Nginx (instead of Apache2) for the WebGUI Dashboard with support for widgets Systems can be put into standby mode Improved … Read more