Add TFTP service

The next service has been implemented: TFTP. You might think this is the most useless service, but with such small implementations it is much easier to test the framework. For example i found out that the user management is not as powerful as it should be. The problem is that tftpd-hpa runs as user ‘nobody’ per default, but the shared folder UI does not allow to set permissions for that user -> i had rework that soon.

TFTP service
TFTP service

Forum is online now

The forum is online now. Registered Sourceforge users can post to it.

Please use the forum for discussion and not the comment feature of this blog. Only post comments if they relate to the article.

Add iTunes/DAAP service

Hmm, seems i have a good day today 🙂 Finished also the iTunes/DAAP service.

iTunes/DAAP configuration page
iTunes/DAAP configuration page

Finish implementation of BitTorrent service

Today i finished the BitTorrent service. Check out the screenshot in the OpenMediaVault gallery. Right at the moment blocklists are not supported. With the new framework from OpenMediaVault the implementation is much cleaner than my previous one in FreeNAS. Thanks to the new modular design the user management is really easy, no right permission hacks are required anymore. Due ACL is used system wide the download directory must only have read/write access for the system internal group ‘debian-transmission’ (really ugly name, ‘BitTorrent’ or something else sounds much better, but debian-transmission is the default user/group name created by the transmission-daemon package) to allow transmission to store the files in the configured download directory.

BitTorrent configuration page