What is wrong with some Open-Source-Software (OSS) users?

A few days ago I received another email which made me wonder what is going on with some Open-Source-Software (OSS) users.

… Try fresh install as I described to you and do your job and fix this ridiculous bug.

First of all, the writer here has quite the wrong tone. Secondly, I have already done my job by extensively testing the functionality before publishing. Of course, it always happens that things run differently at the user than in the development or test environment.

What always saddens me is the fact that some users think they can make demands on software that is created by developers in their spare time and then provided to them for free. How can you make claims on a software and its developers that is free? With paid software I can understand that, but with OSS? In my opinion, many users do not see the difference between commercially driven OSS and those created by volunteers in their spare time. Projects like Linux, Kubernetes, Ceph or OpenOffice, to name a few, are supported by vendors who have a commercial interest and have paid developers working on these projects for this purpose. Such projects have naturally set the bar pretty high for users. It is clear that many users then apply this bar to other OSS projects. However, users should not forget how open source works and where it comes from. In most cases, OSS is driven by enthusiastic developers in their spare time and made available to the community for free.