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Feature stop for OMV 1.x (Kralizec)

The 1.x branch of OMV will get only bugfixes from now. New features will only implemented in 2.x.



New updates available

The following changes were made:

openmediavault 1.18

  • Mantis 0001302: Increase “wipe” size to also remove other file systems from disks.

openmediavault-usbbackup 1.4

  • Use the filesystem backend to get the implementation class.

openmediavault 2.0.4

  • Update locales.
  • Adapt WebGUI to Sencha ExtJS 5.
  • Introduce network interface backend API.
  • Mantis 0000022: Support VLAN.
  • Mantis 0001288: Create a backup of /etc/network/interfaces during omv-initsystem.
  • Mantis 0001295: Network interfaces window with DNS entries.
  • Mantis 0001299: Add KVM VirtIO storage backend.
  • Mantis 0001303: Display connection link speed.
  • Mantis 0001306: Fix french translation issue.

openmediavault-usbbackup 2.0

  • Adapt WebGUI to Sencha ExtJS 5.