Javascript Lint Debian package

I’ve commited the Debian package sources to SVN and the jsl_0.3.0_i386.deb package to the files archive in hope that others might find it as useful as myself. The jsl tool is great to find common mistakes in javascript without actually running the script or opening the web page. I will use it to ‘lint’ the WebGUI javascript sources during the package build process.

Please note this a quick and dirty hack, so if you’re a Debian package expert you’re welcome to improve it.

Week review

The last week i did some unspectacular but necessary and helpful modifications under the hood.

  • For example the event driven configuration change management has been improved, so it is really easy to monitor any changes in the configuration and start any action if required.
  • I also added JFS support after reading an interesting article in a German magazine. I think JFS is great if you want to store your data absolute safe. But this is a personal decision of everyone and i do not want to start a filesystem discussion at this point (these f**king ZFS discussion on FreeNAS was enough).
  • I also extended the WebUI framework to add additional informations to a form field:

  • Started to implement the SMB/CIFS service.
  • Finally i decided to choose the GPLv3 license for OMV.

Misc issues

Today i added a ‘Send test email’ button on the notification page where the user can configure its email settings and test them by sending a email.

I have also added XFS support.