Network interface bonding

The next feature has been finished. During recording the video i realized that i have to modify the bonding interface creation. Right at the moment it is not possible to use one of the current configured interfaces (like eth0 in the video), but this denies the creation of bonding interfaces that include interfaces that are currently configured and up. Nevertheless this is only a small issue.

iSCSI Target service finished

After some hard work i finished the iSCSI target service finally. This service requires a refactoring of various WebGUI components which was the reason this service takes so long to implement.

Week review

After the last article dates back quite a while here is a short overview what’s happened the last time.

I tried to customize the Debian graphical installer but after some time i had to capitulate because i was not able to find a way doing it in Live-Helper. Maybe it will work doing some dirty tricks, but i did not want to loose too much time here. So currently there is only a text gui based installer, better than nothing :-).

The firewall rules editor has been refactored to allow reordering of the iptables rules via drag&drop or push buttons.