The OMV workplace

To make some people happy here is a photo of my workplace where i’m coding on OMV 🙂


IMHO: Smartphone hell

Today i wanted to write some thoughts about the current smartphone situation out there. First i have to say i really get crazy, there is no phone available that meets all my requirements. Why the hell is no manufacturer capable of producing a good phone. Here are some topics a smartphone needs to have:

– a good battery to do not have to recharge it every day.
– a good case as the HTC phones, Samsung and all the others are plastic bombers.
– a simple software for Windows, MAC OS and Linux to sync and manage the phone. I do not want to use the cloud.
– a warranty to have updates longer than only some months.
– an unlocked phone OS.
– a secure app store.

Having a look on the different phone OS now. First i did not like the WP7 look and feel, but now i really like it. The task based navigation is really great, instead the app based navigation of iOS and Android looks like from yesterday. If the availability of updates is one of the most required topic i think iOS is your friend. If you still want to have updates for it in 1 1/2 years, then Apple seems to be the best choice of all. OK, for Android you can install custom ROMs, but really, do you want to install some firmware from insecure sources? You have paid really much money for the smartphone, so i wanted to have some official support not only until the next smartphone has been released. Also i simply want to use a smartphone and do not want to waste my time with installing custom firmwares. In this point it is really sad that MeeGo does not have a choice to become popular. From the point of updates this seems to be the best solution. Sadly it will get rip before it was born. Android is really the worst here. The fragmentation of all that different versions out there makes me crazy. Why is it not possible to implement a f**king simple package management to update only pieces of the phone OS? I do not think that it is necessary to install a kernel or drivers on a smartphone ever. So why only these monolithic firmwares crap? Why is it not possible to split the kernel and the drivers from the rest of the OS/userland? Maybe the stupid user should by a new phone each year? That is a really great cash cow. Respect.

Finally, why the hell is it necessary to release a new smartphone every four weeks with only minimal differences to the previous one (e.g. HTC)? Do the manufacturer think this will make the marketplace more clear and will help the customer to decide?

Currently i tend to Apple with all its cons like closed and locked OS, but in summary this seems to be the best and future-proof product.

What is OpenMediaVault?

I think it is time to clarify what OpenMediaVault is for. After reading many posts and requests to implement feature x and y i have to clarify where OMV is classified. The main reason i have started implementing OpenMediaVault is to have a small and simple NAS solution for home environments. This means, OMV is no router, firewall or storage solution for hundred of users (i think about Samba PDC, AD, …), there are other solutions like Zentyal, OSNexus, OpenFiler, Open-E, … that will fulfill this. Such solutions are too big for home scenarios and i hope OMV will fill this gap, but it will not be a replacement for these products.
In summary: OMV is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution for home environments administrated by novices, nothing more.
Hopefully this will help you all to understand some of my answers and decissions concerning OpenMediaVault.

P.S.: OMV is enhanceable, so if you feel feature x is a must have, you are free to implement it as plugin and contribute it to the project and its community after OMV has been released.