System statistics

Today i’ll give you a short impression about the new implemented feature: System statistics. I’m using collectd to collect the system statistics every 2 minutes, the graphs will be rendered every 5 minutes. I’ve choosen collectd because of its better performance and lower load than Munin. The WebGUI can be enhanced easily by plugins later. The ‘Time’ configuration page has also been refactored a little bit.

Installer live in action

Here is a little life sign from OMV. The newest video shows you the installer live in action. After a short installation phase OMV can be used out-of-the-box.

Note, OMV uses the whole harddisk selected during the installation for the system OS. So if you’ll use a 1 TB volume for that you’ll waste 999 GiB of this disk for nothing. That’s fact, nothing will be changed in that way. No stupid OS/data partition solution as in FreeNAS will be supported, instead use a small HDD (maybe an older one) or better a SSD/DOM/whatever. Currently the OS requires about ~250MB in summary, but this may increase in future.

User portal

The next really important feature has been implemented, the ‘User portal’. This is the OpenMediaVault WebGUI for the normal NAS users. If they have been allowed to modify their user account data it is possible to modify the email or password for example.