Contributor Agreement

Following the lead of other open source projects, the openmediavault project requires contributors to jointly assign their copyright on contributions. The openmediavault Contributor Agreement (OCA) gives Volker Theile and the contributor joint copyright interests in the contribution: the contributor retains copyrights while also granting those rights to Volker Theile as the open source sponsor and maintainer of the openmediavault project.

By executing the OCA, contributors protect the openmediavault code base, enable alternative licensing models, and protect the flexibility to adapt the project to the changing demands of the community. In order for the OCA to be effective, the openmediavault project must obtain an assignment for all contributions. Please review the OCA for a complete understanding of its terms and conditions. By contributing source code or other material to openmediavault you represent that you have a OCA with the openmediavault project for such contributions. In order to track contributors, you understand that your full name and username will be posted on a public URL of authorized contributors.

Instructions for submitting the agreement

  • Read the detailed instructions about contributions in the documentation.
  • Download and print out the openmediavault Contributor Agreement.
  • Sign the agreement.
  • Send the signed agreement as a digital image. Scan or photograph your signed agreement and email it to oca AT openmediavault DOT org. (Your scan or photograph should be of the complete page and at least 3 megapixels/180 dpi.)

Confirmation of your submission

  • You will receive an email confirming that the agreement has been received.